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“This is wonderful item from a company with a true constumer service attitude. The guys in my life usually hate cooking gloves, but not this one. The glove is AMAZING; everyone fought over it...in the kitchen (hot pans), at the BBQ (hot grill), and in the dining room (looking hot!). Not only is it functional, but it is fun...people said they felt kind of like a character in Dr. Sess while wearing it Go for it ! ”

By Retail Pro on January 08 2016

“My experience with this seller was positive definitely buy from them again”

By Alison on December 07, 2015

“This product is exceptional. They are sturdy, attractive, and telescope with ease. But beyond that, the company is unbelievable. I purchased two sets as gifts. One of them came unopened and with the carrying case intact. The other came and the bottom of the package had been opened and there was no carrying case. I emailed the company and was immediately contacted back. They not only sent me a new unopened forks and case, they apologized for the situation and told me to just keep the original partial order. I thought that they were incredibly generous and would recommend them to any one.””

By Ronnie C on November 30, 2015

“These are without a doubt the best roasting sticks I have ever seen!!!”

By Jay C on November 19, 2015

Product Features

SiliSafe Heat Resistant
Cooking Gloves

Cooking Gloves Heat Resistant for Traeger,
Smoker and Outdoor Grills by SiliSafe

Flexible, Durable and Versatile.

Throw out on the tongs set on the grill! You won’t need them with these barbecue gloves as you’ll have total control over your cooking.

Use when grilling, cooking, baking, smoking, potholders, camping – even pulled pork, opening jars and more.

These gloves are FDA Approved, BPA Free, heat resistant to 425 degrees, non slip, waterproof and dishwasher safe.

Five fingered design allows for a firm grip and make them the best grill accessories for smoker, oven and barbeque.

The next party you host, your guests will be amazed at the food you are cooking to perfection.

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SpeedScope Fire Pit Tools - Premium Marshmallow Roasting Sticks
Set of 4 for Campfire Cooking. Heavy Duty Telescoping Forks to 34" with FREE bag

You won’t know how you lived without these!

These Marshmallow Roasting Sticks are made from high quality stainless steel and are extendible to a massive 34 inches whilst compacting down to 11 inches.

The handles are easy grip and heat safe, rubber safety tips keep prongs from dulling and keep you SAFE.

Not to mention the cool travel pouch to transport and store easily.

Enjoy Family and Friends time around the patio fire pit or campfire whether you’re in the backyard or camping.

Not only for yummy S’mores, but even for hot dogs, kebabs and vegetables.

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SpeedScope Fire Pit Tools - Premium Marshmallow Roasting Sticks Set of 4 for
Campfire Cooking. Heavy Duty Telescoping Forks
to 34" with FREE bag

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